Painting - Titled: Embrace your powerlessness


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Painting entitled: Embrace your utter sadness by Lexa


September 5th

The Beauty in the Pain

Newest painting

Embrace your Utter Sadness

While working on the "Embrace Project" I playfully challenge myself to embrace a certain emotional state. In this particular case, I was looking for the visual way to embrace utter sadness.

Painting entitled: Embrace your utter sadness

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Embrace your Grief


Embrace your Utter Sadness

EmbraceYourPowerlessness - Lexa - Wix300

Embrace your Powerlessness

About Lexa

"My work describes a journey of a woman in a frozen state

Found her way and started to defrost

Upon which she began to shape her existence"


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Lexa Portrait Art
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The Netherlands


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